Blog & Me

The Thing About Books... is a blog I created in 2011. It's a (mostly) YA book review blog. I read books, I review them, I interview authors, and I ask you guys stuff. Simple. Really, I promise.

The descriptions of the books and the cover pictures will both come from Goodreads most of the time. The only part I own is the review.

You may have noticed that not all of the books I review were published just yesterday; in fact, a number of them were published months ago. I don't want to feel confined to brand-spanking-new books, so I do relatively new books that you should still be able to find in your local bookstore. Plus, hardcovers cost a lot of money! Saving you money, saving me money. Bam.

You also may have noticed that things are kind of on the border line between, "cutesy homade feel," and, "that girl just did a really crappy job with the technology." Yes, I did draw my own profile picture (not allowed to have a real one) and yes, my blog's design is relatively simple. I am pretty awful with computers. Sometimes I feel like I'm an 80 year old trapped in a teenager's body (in more ways than one). So, if you've got some spare time and a helpful disposition, I'd love to have someone answer my many questions.

In case you want to know more about me than the little "About Me..." thing said, read on. If you really don't care, skip this. I'm obsessed with the band My Chemical Romance. Recently, I've been spending a lot more time drawing than writing. Uh.... I love books and I want to make the whole world love books. I like blogging, even though I ain't no Story Siren or anything :) It really annoys me when people pronounce things wrong or say "like" a million times. I'm not generally a big fan of pop culture, and I like people who embrace their differences. Uh... Blogging is hard sometimes. I like Twitter a lot. (Too much, actually.) I don't have a Facebook, so don't bother asking. Uh....

Thanks for visiting! Thanks for reading! Thanks for everything!