July 12, 2011

2 Cent Tuesday (1)

2 Cent Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Penny at pennyreads.com This is my first time participating, so here it goes!

Today's topic is: book to movie adaptations. I chose today's topic in honor of the final Harry Potter movie being released this week. I think it's safe to say that most of us are fans of the book and movie franchise, and will feel like we're coming to the end of an era when we go watch HP 7 Part 2 this week.

Which movie to book adaptations do you love? Which ones are so bad that you wish you could unsee them? Which one actually turned out better than the book?

First, let me say that I completely agree with Penny! I'm going to see the final Harry Potter on July 31, so I won't be able to cry about it until then. But, of course, I do feel this mixture of sadness and excitement whenever I see previews. Did any of you guys get to see Rupert Grint on the Today Show? I did, and I cried.

On to the 2 cents...

I haven't seen very many book to movie adaptations, so this is tough. I'd have to say my favorite book to movie adaptations would have to be Harry Potter. Yes, I can hear all of you saying, "Oh come on? Seriously?" but it's true! I love the series and I think that the movies put a whole new spin on the books. I loved seeing all of the characters come to life so vividly. Everything was just so... magical.

My least favorite would have to be... The Chronicles of Narnia. Okay, so I saw the first movie, and it was pretty good. The second movie was awful. And I have absolutely no interest in seeing the rest. One of the worst things I can think of is how they skipped some of the books! Prince Caspian does not come after The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe! The Horse and His Boy comes next! Really, they could have at least paid attention to the order. I also hate the actors. The children/teens in those movies bug the crap out of me! All they do is whine! Sheesh...

I am trying really super hard to think of a movie that came out better than the book, but I can't. I can only think of movies that I've seen that are also books that I've never read. Sorry, but I just don't have one. Although, once this post is up or in a few days I'm sure that a whole bunch of books and movies will pop into my head. Perhaps I'll fix this, or perhaps I'll just leave it. You can't have an answer for everything, right?

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  1. I think the HP movies have been great, but I will be honest and say the Order of the Phoenix disappointed me.

    The Narnia movies they're good. Prince Caspian was a little cheesy, but still fun. I thought the 3rd one was surprisingly good too. Though there wasn't much of a plot b/c of the book in general. =)

    Thanks for participating!