March 23, 2011

Your Opinion Will Help Me AND You!

 So, as I was fantasizing which YA authors I would love to interview, when I thought, "Hey, why not get the readers' opinion?" That, my friends, is exactly what I intend to do. There are so many great authors out there, most of them I haven't even heard of, and I couldn't possibly appeal to all of you guys by just picking one of my own favorite authors. I wouldn't even scratch the surface of all the popular YA authors!
Here are the terms and conditions -sometimes even I need to sound official.
1.) Send and email to me at
2.) Include the name of the YA author you would like me to interview, and a single (yes, that means ONE) question you'd like me to answer.
3.) Don't get upset if your author isn't chosen. A- There are going to be many emails, and B- I have to get the author's approval before I can even interview them.
Thank you for all the entries, and keep your fingers crossed!!!!

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