June 28, 2011

Things You Probably Don't Need To Know, But I'll Tell You Anyway

I've been feeling like posting a random review full of various thoughts for a while, and I know that this is a book blog and yaddah yaddah but I want to post something about my own self! It's a free country! Leave me alone! Jeez. So, here is my first (and probably not last, knowing me) random post:
1.) I have been reading some of my past posts, and I realized that I hate my introductory post, especially the annoying bit at the end where I say muchos gracias. That was out of hand. I apologize for my disgusting peppy weirdness. *shudder*
2.) Because I can't fit this in my "About Me" thing, I decided to tell you some things about me: My computer keeps freezing up, so it's taking five years to type this. I have two dogs, Teddy (Bear) who's an apple-head teacup chihuahua that I'm in love with (and who I just now realized has a breed name that sounds like it's from Alice and Wonderland) and an annoying fluffy white dog named Princess that likes to roll in the dirt and jump on the backs of your knees as you're walking so you almost fall over. I have a tendency to fall in love with book characters. I enjoy writing as much as I enjoy reading. My head is full of crazy ideas that won't go away. I love ice cream, and could never eat anything other than that for the rest of my life.
3.) I hate it when people stereotype teenagers. Just because I'm a teenager doesn't mean that everything I say is a lie! Not every bad mood I'm in is caused by me being a teenager! Suddenly I'm a crazy person who's going to burn the house down and join a biker gang! FEEL MY TEENAGE WRATH!!!!
4.) I am a really big sap. I cry in cartoon movies. Cartoon movies.
5.) I'm not too old for Spongebob or Looney Tunes or Tom & Jerry! I will not be told otherwise!
6.) I hate it when I go to the mall and find that everyone is a skinny jean, logo shirt blur. Please have some personality! Trust me, no one will shun you if you wear something other than Converse or Vans every day of your life. And if they do, you shouldn't even be hanging out with those people in the first place.
7.) I would absolutely love it if someone could teach me everything there is to know about computers. I need to hire a genius. Not like my dad who's a math genius, but someone who's a computer genius. Seriously.
8.) This is turning out to be a longer post than I had anticipated...
9.) When I use big words, or formal language, or whatever you want to call it, it's not me trying to be superior or anything. That's just how I talk naturally, so please leave it alone. I am not better than anyone else, and I'm not trying to be.
10.) I've read several posts on plagiarising and things of the sort. Please, you know who you are, stop. It's unfair to those who published the posts for you to just take their work. If you have to use someone else's posts for your blog, then you shouldn't have a blog at all. I'm sorry if that offends you, but honestly, think how those people you stole the posts from feel. If you think that your plagiarising is a well kept secret, you're wrong. People will find out, and people will be angry.
~That is All~


  1. I enjoyed this blog post. Even a book blog should have a bit of the blogger come out every now and then so that we know it's indeed a human blogging. :) We have writing in common. It's something that I think about...all day...and I'm always getting new ideas so it gets loud in my head. >.>

    Funny, I was thinking about using big words as a secret weapon when I'm debating. I don't usually get into debates with people, but. I will try to keep the big words out of my regular day-to-day speech if I ever decide to go for that. Because I don't want to come off as superior either. :D

    People who plagiarize should be tortured with sporks until they apologize, take down the post, and swear never to do it again.

    I am now following your blog because this blog post stood out. And I like book reviews. :) Nice to meet you, by the way! I'm Mariella. :D

  2. Oh yes, I completely agree with the spork torture idea! The writing ideas in my head get so crazy sometimes it's like SHUT UP :) I am indeed a human, thankfully. Thanks for following Mariella and your comments are much apprieciated!